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Coffee Mug That Changes Color With Heat (Attractive Gifts)

Heat-sensitive mugs will alter the color of their designs when they come into contact with a hot beverage. This change can range from subtle to dramatic but is usually visible enough to create some kind of conversation piece at the office or home.

This is the funniest technological innovation in our daily life. Well, if you’ve got a loved one in your family, then gift them a coffee mug that changes color with heat for their birthday or any other occasion and make it a memorable day for both of you as well as for your near ones also.

Thermochromic ink has made this effect possible. According to Wikipedia, it is a special type of dye that can change color when temperatures increase or decrease.

In this article, we’ll go through the five best coffee mugs that will change color with heat and some of them can also be customized to make the mug more personalized. So, let’s dig into the deep.

1. Asmwo Color Changing Heat Sensitive Magic Funny Art Mug

Asmwo Color Changing Heat Sensitive Magic Funny Art Mug

This is a very interesting heat-sensitive magic mug. The color will change when the temperature changes, and you can see the pattern of the cute plum blossom flower. When the liquid cools down, flowers appear dark and simple again. This product is thin, delicate, and light in weight. You can carry it anywhere easily.

The heat-sensitive color changing of the design helps you enjoy a magic moment every time you drink coffee or other beverage from this mug. Moreover, these large cup is equally suitable for children, adults, and even the elderly. It is perfect for a birthday present, holiday gift.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality porcelain mug
  • Beautiful plum blossom wash painting
  • Big size (16 oz)
  • Curve body with a wider handle
  • Lightweight (Only 0.9 pounds)
  • Microwave safe
  • Gift item

2. Brd Gifts Personalized Magic Mug

Brd Gifts Personalized Magic Mug

This adorable personalized Magic Mug is great for any occasion and a fantastic gift for your loved ones! You can create your own design and write the name or words of your choice in this Magic Mug. This 11 oz ceramic mug has a unique quality to change color when you add hot liquid. Personalization will be permanently engraved (will not wash off). This makes it great as a gift for anyone on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon gifts, and much more. High-quality digital permanent print on this ceramic mug has made this product one of the most popular on the market.

Highlight features:

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • High quality ceramic mug
  • Dimensions (HxW): 3.75″ x 4.75″
  • Great gift item
  • Capacity 11 ounces

3. Antner Magic Heat Changing Coffee Mug

Antner Magic Heat Changing Coffee Mug

Antner is a leading manufacturer of color-changing mugs. The design of this magic mug is inspired by the solar system. The cup-holder area on the base of the cup can display all planets in our solar system (nine planets), and stars change as you pour hot coffee into it.

The incredible design on the surface of this mug includes some unique stars that magically appear when you add hot liquid (over 70°C/158°F). This magic coffee cup contains a high-quality liquid color coating with high mechanical strength. It can be washed by hand and you should not place it in an automatic dishwasher.

Highlighted features:

  • Ceramic mug
  • Solar system heat-sensitive mug
  • Different style & outlook
  • Capacity 12 ounces
  • Excellent gift item

4. Caliamary Funny Cat Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug

Caliamary Funny Cat Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug

Are you tired of boring ceramic coffee mugs and need a funny cat mug? Here is the best gift for your family or friend. The cat picture will appear on the mug when it is hot.

Drinking your coffee doesn’t have to be boring anymore. This heat change mug will turn cool and bland instant coffee into a warm and colorful visual treat. This is a really neat product, pretty cheap, also acts as a decoration for the room.

This mug is also very easy to use and clean. It’s perfect for home, office, and shops. Decorated with a funny saying and cute cat design, it’s really popular among girls. So, get your today to enjoy the fun colors changing.

Highlighted features:

  • Color changing cat mug
  • Made from high-quality ceramic
  • Good packaging
  • 11 oz capacity
  • Premium customer service

5. Chuzy Chef Color Changing Mug

Chuzy Chef Color Changing Mug

The Chuzy Chef Color Changing Mug is a novelty mug that can be used to bring smiles to people’s faces. The mug is as it sounds, a magic mug i.e when you pour the hot liquid (such as coffee) in the cup, the faces of its characters change into smiley faces and then melt away after some time.

This color-changing mug is perfect for tea, coffee, vanilla lattes, and any other hot beverages that you like to drink. It’s ideal to use at home or in the office but also great for kids. You can also give this gift mug as a present. This is one of the greatest gifts for coffee lovers and people who like to wake up in the morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Highlighted features:

  • Capacity 325 milliliters
  • Awesome smiley faces color changing mug
  • Thermochromic ink is the key material
  • Perfect gift


A coffee mug that can change color with heat is an amazing gift, a thing designed to appeal to the particular person and impress them with their uniqueness. If the warm drink seems never enough on cold days and you gift this coffee mug to your friend or family then they will be impressed by its magic.

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