Electric Knife That Cuts Through Bone!

The best electric knives are surprisingly versatile and come in handy for a large variety of everyday tasks such as cutting bread, cheese, small bones, and even tomatoes.

But for now, we’ll share the answers to some of the most common questions about electric knives that you might be thinking about as well. Can Electric Knife Cut Bone? Electric knives aren’t really known for cutting through bone, so we decided it was time to put one to the test against a manual knife.

Can Electric Knife Cut Bone?

The answer to the question of whether an electric knife can cut bone seems a bit contradictory at first. But as we will look into later, while it is true that you would actually need to hit the bones quite hard with a meat cleaver, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use an electric knife on your red meat. It just requires some practice and patience. Let’s introduce an electric knife that can make the job done.

MIGHTY CARVER Electric Carving Knife

MIGHTY CARVER Electric Carving Knife

The Mighty Carver Electric Knife is a great tool for preparing the meat bone of all kinds. It’s also perfect for slicing, carving, or cutting roasts and hams. This electric knife has 7.5 Inches dual stainless steel blades that are impervious to corrosion and can cut through bone with ease. The ergonomic sturdy handle fits your hand like a glove and gives you complete control as you carve your next meal in minutes.

Highlighted Features

  • Incredibly sharp stainless steel blade
  • Only 3.46 pounds weight
  • Disassembles quickly
  • Multi-purpose electric knife
  • Easy to use & store

Reasons To Use An Electric Knife

There are many reasons why someone would choose to use an electric knife when cutting meat bones. The number one benefit is that it reduces the amount of force required to cut through large pieces of meat and cuts much faster than using traditional knives.

Another benefit is that they come with a variety of interchangeable blades. So If one of the blades is damaged, nothing to worry about. Moreover, electric knives are capable of doing the job faster. Because there are so many benefits associated with these kinds of knives, more and more people have been choosing them over conventional ones for their home cutting needs.

Tips Of Cutting Bone Using an Electric Knife

When it comes to cutting bone, there are a number of different factors that will determine the success or failure of your endeavor. While some bones aren’t that difficult to cut through, others do indeed present quite a challenge – especially animal bones.

The ability to cut bone is a key skill in any kitchen. While there are many ways to do so, whether it be by a large knife or a cleaver, one of the effortless and easiest tools you can have in your arsenal is an electric knife. Some special tips:

  • Make the meat and bone is frozen
  • Use a cutting board
  • Grip the handle of the knife firmly
  • Don’t put pressure on the blade and handle
  • Be careful while passing the blade through the bone
  • Cut bones directly from your freezer

Disadvantages Of Cutting Bone Through An Electric Knife

The first disadvantage is that it will make the blade of the knife dull. The greatest risk of buying an electric-powered knife is breaking the blade. At a minimum, it takes time to replace a malfunctioning part or file off a damaged edge, but these types of issues can lead to more serious problems if not handled immediately. Electric knives are far from ideal when used for cutting extremely hard objects such as bone.


When it comes to cutting bone, there are two common ways that people go about the process. There is a traditional way of doing it which employs a sharp knife and provides fun while you eat your meal as you divide every piece with love, satisfaction, and remembrance of how great you are at cutting. You can also use an electric knife to cut your meat and if you have never used one before then this article has already helped you in getting the right knife for cutting bone whether it is poultry or red meat.

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